TOP 4 Way to Tackle Smartphone Addiction.

How to get rid off Smartphone Addiction. Top 4 tricks to tackle Smartphone Addiction.

Friends, today we will talk about Smartphone Addiction, i.e. about smartphone usage addiction Sometimes we just take the phone to check the Notification check but even after notification, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will sit in check, meaning every time it looks like "Now check Facebook or Whatsapp Check it out,

If you feel like this, then understand that you are addicted to smartphones. They say that "some things should be done in Limit only if the result is wrong, then the result is wrong.But do not use Smartphone too much ,  and not make it a habit .

How to stop this Smartphone addiction now? Some smartphone companies are working on it, Google's next operating system, which means "Wind Down" mode in Android P, means that the phone screen will automatically be grey fade some time before sleeping. And a feature when you place your phone on the reverse table, then automatically go to the "Do Not Disturb" mode. Perhaps Android P will be launched by the end of this year. And do you know Apple is also planning to bring some such features?

But for the moment, let's see, there are 4 ways to reduce our Smartphone Addiction.

4 Ways to Tackle Smartphone Addiction.


Detox means addiction treatment, yes you can do it daily. This means that you do not leave the phone in the bathroom, or you will close the phone while eating food. And keeping your phone away from yourself will give you peace of mind.

If you want to see how many times you have entered the phone during the day 😂
So try the Moment App for iPhone / iPad, so you know how long your phone is used for. This is not so perfect, but you can be shocked by seeing results of it. And for Android user use Quality Time application.

2 Set A Schedule. 

Do not you know when Whose Friend's Request or Like, or when will you be able to see your friend's new post? So you create a schedule for all of these. Set a daily schedule for Facebook, Emails, and check it all at the same time. Or do a thing, delete Facebook itself. 😂 Oh, really, I'm not kidding, if you have a computer, check it every day and delete it from the phone, it will definitely make a difference.

3 Turn off Auto Play .

Watching YouTube and Netflix video does not know when the time is removed so you can turn off Auto play in their settings. What will this happen? Just watch the video that you came to watch and close the app, that means keep the phone. Is not it good 😉 Not 100%, but something will surely matter, brother and you will start using the phone a lot of work.

4 Get an Alarm Clock.

The first was a time when we used to wake up without the phone i.e. in the morning of the alarms, but today it has to be set up to rise in the morning, otherwise you will not be able to go to the office. 😂 Then as soon as you start using less the phone, you will begin to sleep well, and you will not need an alarm to wake up by getting good sleep, and you know, slowly and again, Get up and drink and make your partner tea or coffee.

So at the end Guys, I will say that just use the phone as much as you can and try to use the phone a little bit everyday. This will give peace to the mind and will also be good. And do not chat too much with your girlfriends, make night or day of the night. 😂 So you try all this, then you will definitely start using less the phone, and your Smartphone Addiction will also be less.
Do not use Smartphone too much and pay attention toward people around you.
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