After the Blue Whale Game, the Momo game is causing death.

After the Blue Whale Game, the Momo game is causing death.

Hello, readers today's 'latest update' blog we will talk about the Momo game.
In the Northern Territory of West Bengal, two cases of suicides have been reported while playing the Virtual Suicide Game Momo Challenge, after which the state administration has started taking necessary steps to deal with this challenge. Government sources informed about this on Sunday.

What is Momo Challenge?

This bloody game is based on Whatsapp. Like the Blue Way game, it also gets a dangerous task. Momo Whatsapp is a contact number that is shared with Whatsapp. It is said that after sharing it and adding it to the number, a picture of a scary face comes which is really scary. It is said that the person who educates this number gradually begins to move towards suicide. It is being said that the scary face appearing on Momo Wattsapp resembles a statue placed in a museum in Japan.

Another killer challenge came again on social media, do not forget to try

Manish Sarki (18) in Kurseyong of Darjeeling district on August 20 and Aditi Goyal (26) committed suicide on the day after allegedly accepting the Momo Challenge. The police suspect that these two people who had recently committed suicide were trapped in the Moko Challenge game.

An official told the media that due to the ever-increasing escalation in the Wax Challenge, in addition to sending directions to the police stations of the districts, the administration has also asked the educational institutions to monitor the activities of the students.

The official said that the events of the Momo Challenge are increasing every day. After the Blue Way Challenge, we are now facing the threat from the Killer Game Momo Challenge. To keep an eye on the matter, District Collectors have been made in the districts.
Trained with a horse on the train;

It is being said that Momo is a conspiracy theory, whose purpose is to scare people. DFNDR Lab says that these numbers have been tried to track but the originator of this could not be ascertained.

At the same time, the director of DFNDR Lab says, "Many people have made similar profiles after these contact numbers have been viral on social media sites. Thereby increasing the danger. Lab Experition Experts tried to talk about the Momo numbers. But no response was found. It is difficult to find out who is the real creator.

Now after the dangerous Blue Whale, the 'Momo' Challenge on the Internet is proving fatal to children. 'Momo' is a social media account that is present on Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube. According to the information, violent photographs have to be sent to children through this account. Kids are completing the 'Momo' Challenge through many steps on whatsapp. Those children who are unable to meet this challenge threaten Momo and even talk about punishing them. In the 'Momo' Challenge on the Internet, a picture of a strange woman is seen. Its eyes have turned out. Actually the woman who is looking into this picture is a Japanese doll, made by Midori Hayashi. Midori Hayashi is known to make horror dolls. He was the name of this strange doll whose face smiles on his face.
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