India will face this team in the first match of World cup 2019.

India will face this team in the first match of World Cup 2019

All players of cricket are busy these days due to World Cup 2019 preparations. Let us tell you that there can be considerable changes in the Indian team for big tournaments like World Cup. If it is to be talked about the teams that are playing in World Cup 2019, this time the most dangerous teams of 10 countries are going to take part. Let us tell you that the World Cup 2019 program has also been declared, while today we are going to talk about the dangerous team that is going to be confronting the Indian team.

Let us tell you that in 2019, the Indian cricket team is going to be in the fray with its best playing XI. This World Cup will start from May 30, 2019, with the final match being played on July 14, 2019. In fact, this time the 10 teams that will be taking part in 2019 World Cup is also a team Pakistan, which is to be fought by the Indian team which is waiting for every Indian cricket lovers but before that the Indian team has to play another match. Today we are going to tell you.

Here is a list of matches playing in world cup 2019:-

[ May 30, Thu England vs South Africa, Match 1 

May 31, Fri Windies vs Pakistan, Match 2

Jun 01, Sat New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, Match 3
or Afghanistan vs Australia, Match 4

Jun 02, Sun South Africa vs Bangladesh, Match 5

Jun 03, Mon England vs Pakistan, Match 6

Jun 04, Tue Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka, Match 7

Jun 05, Wed South Africa vs India, Match 8
 Bangladesh vs New Zealand, Match 9

Jun 06, Thu Australia vs Windies, Match 10

Jun 07, Fri Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Match 11

Jun 08, Sat England vs Bangladesh, Match 12
 Afghanistan vs New Zealand, Match 13

Jun 09, Sun India vs Australia, Match 14

Jun 10, Mon South Africa vs Windies, Match 15

Jun 11, Tue Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, Match 16

Jun 12, Wed Australia vs Pakistan, Match 17

Jun 13, Thu India vs New Zealand, Match 18

Jun 14, Fri England vs Windies, Match 19

Jun 15, Sat Sri Lanka vs Australia, Match 20

 South Africa vs Afghanistan, Match 21

Jun 16, Sun India vs Pakistan, Match 22

Jun 17, Mon Windies vs Bangladesh, Match 23

Jun 18, Tue England vs Afghanistan, Match 24

Jun 19, Wed New Zealand vs South Africa, Match 25

Jun 20, Thu Australia vs Bangladesh, Match 26

Jun 21, Fri England vs Sri Lanka, Match 27

Jun 22, Sat India vs Afghanistan, Match 28

 Windies vs New Zealand, Match 29

Jun 23, Sun Pakistan vs South Africa, Match 30

Jun 24, Mon Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, Match 31

Jun 25, Tue England vs Australia, Match 32

Jun 26, Wed New Zealand vs Pakistan, Match 33

Jun 27, Thu Windies vs India, Match 34

Jun 28, Fri Sri Lanka vs South Africa, Match 35

Jun 29, Sat Pakistan vs Afghanistan, Match 36

 New Zealand vs Australia, Match 37

Jun 30, Sun England vs India, Match 38

Jul 01, Mon Sri Lanka vs Windies, Match 39

Jul 02, Tue Bangladesh vs India, Match 40

Jul 03, Wed England vs New Zealand, Match 41

Jul 04, Thu Afghanistan vs Windies, Match 42

Jul 05, Fri Pakistan vs Bangladesh, Match 43

Jul 06, Sat Sri Lanka vs India, Match 44

 OR Australia vs South Africa, Match 45

Jul 09, Tue TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi-Final (1 v 4)

Jul 11, Thu TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi-Final (2 v 3)

Jul 14, Sun TBC vs TBC, Final ]

For your information, tell us this World Cup is going to be very interesting. If it is said that the first Indian team is going to be facing a dangerous team? Let us tell you that the Indian team is going to confronting South Africa on June 5 in their very first match but fans are eagerly waiting for the match between India and Pakistan. The match between India and Pakistan will be played on June 16  is Although experts are speculating that India can win this World Cup but nothing can be said as the Indian team has to compete with teams such as Australia, South Africa, England, and Pakistan. How do you respond to this information? Be sure to write your important opinion in the comment box.
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