Internet off for 48 hours. ICANN gave a big blow to Internet users.

Internet shutdown: Internet shut down for the next 48 hours worldwide!

Internet users may have trouble getting the internet for the next 48 hours. There are reports of internet connectivity being shut down in the next 48 hours worldwide. The main domain servers will be on routine maintenance for the next few hours. According to a report by Russia Today, internet users may have to face the problem of network failures for the next few hours as the main domain servers and connected network infrastructure will remain down for some time. Internet shutdown will also depend largely on users' network and Internet service providers.

Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, during this time, will replace mentions of cryptographic changes. This will help protect the Internet Address Book or Domain Name System (DNS). ICANN said that maintenance work has to be done to avoid rising cyber attacks.

In a statement, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) said that the Global Internet shutdown is very important for security, stable and flexible DNS. The Authority further said, 'Make it clear that if the users of the network operators or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are not ready for this change, then some internet users may have trouble with this. However, by applying for proper system security extensions, this effector can be ignored. '

Internet users may have problems accessing the web page or making a transaction during the next 48 hours. Additionally, if users use outdated ISPs, there may be disagreement in accessing the global network.
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